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Thank you for your participation in The Change Foundation Caregiver Advisory Panel. This panel will be composed mainly of family caregivers, along with some healthcare professionals who work with caregivers.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you in this panel, and to receive your input and thoughts on some of The Change Foundation’s caregiver-focused ideas, tools and products. 

As a member of this panel, you will also be given the opportunity to participate in The Change Foundation’s work in a variety of ways, some we haven’t even thought of yet, and help us shape how the future looks for caregivers in Ontario.

Before you get started, we’d like you to fill out the survey below so we can get to know you better. This survey is being hosted by our research partner, Pollara Strategic Insights.

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential, and nothing you say will be connected to you directly. In addition, the caregiver section of the site will be kept separate from the healthcare professional section of the site, because we want to ensure that everyone is comfortable freely sharing their thoughts.
Thank you again for your assistance with this project.