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Hello and thank you for your interest and willingness to participate in this community engagement activity.

VIDO is expanding its operations to become Canada’s Centre for Pandemic Research. This includes:

  • Establishing a vaccine manufacturing facility.
  • Adding containment level 4 capacity to enable work with all infectious diseases.
  • Building new animal housing to expand our capacity.
These expanded capabilities will allow us to research all pathogens and rapidly develop vaccines and therapeutics to help control new infectious diseases including those that cause pandemics.

Through its Community Liaison Committee, VIDO is pleased to offer this opportunity for the public to learn about our plans and what it means, as well as raise any questions regarding the plans for expansion.

We ask that all interested participants register in advance for these discussion boards so we can better plan for accommodating your active participation. Please note the general type of demographic information we will collect will be used only for analysis purposes in aggregate format.

Once registered for the discussion board you will be able to ask questions and have them answered by our experts in a timely manner. To accommodate the widest degree of flexibility this discussion board will be available to you 24 hours per day from January 27th, 2022 (8:00 am) through January 29th, 2022 (10:00 pm), allowing you to return as many times and when it is convenient for you to revisit.

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